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Our Quality Policy is QUICK!
Q : Quality Products
Quality products are essential for a successful organization and the best way to differentiate A Plus from our competitors. The key to superb quality is to have the focus of the management team directing the overall efforts of the employees toward that goal.

U : Unwavering Commitment to Continual Improvement
An unwavering attitude becomes an absolute necessity to succeed in business today. A Plus values and encourages this quality, especially in our QA department. In a globally competitive environment an effective quality system is critical for our success.

I : Innovative People
Effective leadership requires continuous innovation. In a successful organization, innovative people who are able to determine the most appropriate positioning for the organization are essential. Continuous improvement is a constant goal of a successful organization.

C : Compliance to Requirements
Comprehending the most current requirements in the medical device field and implementing them in our system are essential parts of our organization. Our philosophy is to "Do it once and do it right."

K : Knowledge of Customer Needs
A clear understanding of the customer's needs and our persistent efforts in meeting their requirements are the keys to achieving customer satisfaction. A Plus always puts the customer first.

The rapid advancement of technology in the 21th century is affecting all industries. A key factor in sustaining and heightening our success is the effectiveness of our service. In addition to quality products and the right attitude, efficiency is also another important objective for all of us.

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